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“Tango Sensual XXL: An alluring fusion of passion, expressiveness, and fluid movements that captivates hearts and souls.”

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Tango Sensual XXL – an enchanting dance style that weaves together the essence of passion, expressiveness, and fluid movements, creating an alluring fusion that captivates hearts and souls alike. Step into the embrace of this evocative art form, where every step becomes an intimate expression of emotions, telling stories that transcend time and culture.

Where the art of dance meets the language of desire, igniting a captivating journey of passion and expression.

Tango is often associated with passion and sensuality, which can be interpreted as a form of seduction. The close embrace, intense eye contact, and the intimate connection between the dance partners can create an alluring and captivating atmosphere. However, it is essential to understand that the seduction in tango is not meant to be taken in a purely romantic or sexual context.

"Totally lost in Tango, where each step becomes an intimate dialogue, and the dance floor transforms into a canvas of emotional expression."

Guno Romberg, el tanguero

It's important to remember that tango is an art form, and the emphasis should always be on mutual respect, consent, and the joy of dancing. It should never be used as a means of inappropriate or unwanted advances toward a partner. In social tango settings, dancers are expected to treat each other with respect and adhere to the established codes of conduct within the tango community.

Tango Sensual XXL

Tango Sensual XXL is a modern style of tango, characterized by its focus on fluid movements, intricate footwork, and a strong emphasis on expressiveness and sensuality. A fusion of traditional Argentine tango with elements from other dance styles, such as contemporary dance and ballet. Key features of Tango Sensual XXL include:

Fluid movements:

Tango Sensual incorporates smooth and continuous movements, creating a sense of flow and connection between the partners. Dancers use circular and spiraling motions to add a dynamic and visually captivating element to the dance.

Expressive interpretation:

Tango Sensual emphasizes the expression of emotions through the movements. Dancers use their body language, facial expressions, and connection with their partner to convey a wide range of feelings, from passion and desire to vulnerability and longing.

Innovative figures:

Tango Sensual introduces new and innovative dance figures and sequences that may not be found in traditional Argentine tango. These figures often showcase the creativity and artistic expression of the dancers.

Open embrace:

Unlike traditional tango, which often employs a close embrace, Tango Sensual often uses an open embrace, giving the dancers more freedom for intricate movements and dramatic extensions.

Music choice:

Tango Sensua XXL can be danced to both traditional tango music and modern tango remixes. The style's flexibility allows dancers to explore a wide range of musical genres, making it appealing to a broader audience.

Tango Sensual XXL will be introduced on this website in the fall of 2023. A complete teaching program that has been intensively worked on for 7 years will be offered worldwide to get acquainted with this.
Tango Sensual XXL is not only a new dance style, but also has its own uniquely developed teaching program, so that you can quickly and efficiently gain the necessary skills.
More info will follow soon.
"The elegance of Tango Sensual lies in the balance of sensuality and sophistication, where movements become poetry and partners become muse."

Guno Romberg, el tanguero

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