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🌟 Tango Fit, Fun & Improve: Join Anne & Guno for Exciting Classes! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Move with your heart, the body will follow

Are you ready to experience Tango like never before? Join our exhilarating Tango Fit, Fun & Improve classes, where we blend the passion of Tango with fitness, laughter, and continuous improvement. Led by the dynamic duo Anne & Guno, these classes offer a unique and enjoyable approach to enhancing your Tango skills while staying active and having a blast!

πŸŽ‰ What to Expect:

  • Fun Warm-Up Routines: Start each class with energizing warm-ups that get your body moving and ready for Tango action.
  • Dance-Based Fitness: Improve your endurance, flexibility, and balance through Tango-inspired fitness exercises.
  • Footwork and Technique: Dive into detailed footwork patterns and technique drills to refine your Tango moves.
  • Musicality and Expression: Learn to interpret the music and express yourself authentically on the dance floor.
  • Partner Connection: Discover the art of clear communication and synchronization with your dance partner.

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🌟 Who Can Join?

  • All Levels Welcome: Whether you’re a Tango beginner or an experienced dancer, these classes cater to everyone.
  • Dance Partners: Come with your Tango partner to deepen your connection, or join as a solo dancer and meet new friends.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Embrace a fun and unique way to stay fit and active through the art of Tango.

🌟 Reserve Your Spot Now! Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention and a supportive learning environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow as a Tango dancer while having a fantastic time!


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Unleash your passion for Tango, get fit, and improve your dance skills in an atmosphere filled with joy and camaraderie. Join Anne & Guno for Tango Fit, Fun & Improve classes and embark on a journey of dance, fitness, and self-discovery! πŸŒŸπŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ



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Bio, Anne & Guno

“Passionate and captivating, Anne and Guno embodies the soul of tango with every step. With years of dedicated training and an unwavering love for the dance, they have become a true artist on the tango floor. Their movements are a mesmerizing blend of elegance, precision, and emotion, captivating audiences and fellow dancers alike.

“The ultimate goal is that you should be able to dance to anything at a milonga. tango traditional, free style, but also all the cortinas of 70/80’s music, lindy hop, salsa to rock and roll. This is all part of a tango salon. A complete (milonga) dancer.”
More about Anne Dellisse, click here!Β 

“Gain balance, steps, embellishments, fun, fit, all at the same time. Making stupid jokes, learning chacarera and even salsa and bachata to be finally able to dance salsa cortinas in milongas! 1,5 hr out of the box with a wet shirt πŸ™‚
More about Guno Romberg, click here!


🌟 Reserve Your Spot Now! Limited spots available for this extraordinary Tango fit, fun and improve class. 

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