Tango Sensual

Tango Sensual is characterized by its innovative and expressive movements, combining elements of traditional tango with influences from contemporary dance styles.

Tango Sensual incorporates more open and dynamic movements. It emphasizes the connection and communication between partners, allowing for greater freedom of expression and improvisation. The movements often involve intricate leg wraps, elaborate spins, and dramatic poses.

Tango Sensual is known for its sensuality, elegance, and theatricality. It embraces the emotional and dramatic aspects of tango, allowing dancers to interpret and convey the music in a more expressive and passionate manner. The style is often accompanied by modern tango music, incorporating elements of electronic and alternative genres alongside traditional tango compositions.

Tango Sensual has gained popularity worldwide and has been featured in various tango shows, performances, and competitions. It has also influenced the development of other tango styles and fusion dances, contributing to the ongoing evolution of Argentine tango as an art form.