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About tickets

Cancellation and refund

– Ticket may be sold to another participant
– Ticket may be used for the next edition
– No restitution

Payment options

– At the door
– Paypal
– Eventix, almost all possibilities / credit cards, option insurance tickets included!

Your ticket

Tickets can be obtained via eventix and at our box office.
Ticket via eventbrite. After purchasing you will receive an email with your E-ticket as an attachment

Can I sell my pass?

Yes, that’s possible. If you can’t come for whatever reason, you can easily sell your pass to someone else (name change). To do this, simply send us an email with the name and email address of the new card holder. Keep in mind that each ticket can only be changed once.

Can I transfer my pass to the next edition

Yes, that’s possible. Send us an e-mail with the wish to postpone your pass until the next event. Please note, it is only possible once. Passes resulting from a name change cannot be postponed.

Can I get my money back?

No. As with almost all events around the world, World Tango Society events are non-refundable events. Refund requests for any personal reasons cannot be honored.

About streaming

Where can I watch the live stream?

The live stream can in principle be played on any screen: on your PC, laptop, telephone or iPad / tablet. For the most optimal theater experience, we recommend that you use as large a screen as possible, or, for example, by connecting your laptop to a television (read here how to do that).

What do I need to watch the live stream?

A device to watch the live stream. Preferably a tablet or laptop or PC, but the stream can also be viewed on a smartphone. The device must at least have a recent browser (for example Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge) A good internet connection. A fixed cable works best, but WIFI or 4G is also possible The unique, personal access link. You will receive this by e-mail as soon as we have received your payment.

How can I buy a link for multiple people?

Unfortunately that is not possible now. The unique link is linked to the e-mail address that you provide with your order / payment, and also to the ‘cookies’ in your browser. It is best to let the other person (s) order themselves, so that they receive their own unique link.

What can I do if iI can nolonger find the unique link?

After receiving your payment, the unique link will be sent directly to you by e-mail, to the e-mail address you provided with your order / registration. Check your spam box / junk mail folder to see if the e-mail with the link may have ended up there. The subject of the email starts with “Your unique link for …”. If you can no longer find the mail, please contact us at

Can I forward the unique link to someone link?

We advise NOT to forward the link to someone else if you want to watch the performance yourself. The livestream can only be viewed from 1 device. Whoever clicks the link first can see.

Can I buy a unique link during the performance to watch the live stream?

if the performance has already started before clicking the access link, you can watch the live stream from that point on. It is not possible to rewind and watch from the beginning.

From when can I watch the live stream?

We recommend that you open the live stream page in an internet browser well in advance, so that you have enough time to check that everything is working properly, or to cast the broadcast via your television if necessary.

Can I switch devices during the stream?

No, it is not recommended to switch devices during the live stream and watch the performance on another device (?). We cannot guarantee that the stream will continue to work.

Can I cast the lives tream with chrome cast?

Yes that is possible. You will find more information on how to do this via this link. Or read this quick start guide from Google on how to cast via Google Chromecast. Please note, you cannot cast to a Google Chromecast from your iPad or iPhone. This can be done via your laptop by opening the link of the live stream in the Google Chrome web browser and then casting the tablad to your Chromecast (this option can be found in the menu, three dots at the top right).

How many devies can I wathc the live stream with at the same time?

You can use the link on one device / device at the same time. If you still want to use multiple devices at the same time, you need multiple unique access links.

Can I watch or pause a live stream later?

No, the broadcast is live and will not be recorded.

How many people can I watch the live stream with?

You will receive a unique link. This can be used on one device at the same time. You decide with how many people you watch the broadcast. Of course, keep enough distance from each other!

Will the live stream be recorded?

No, the livestream is not recorded and cannot be viewed later.

What should I do if I dont get a picture or the picture freezes?

It is often sufficient to refresh the page in your browser. You do this via F5 on the keyboard (Windows) or Command ⌘ + R (Mac). The browser often also has an icon (round arrow) that you can use to refresh. Click on the button ‘start stream’ and then on the play button to start the stream. If the stream is still not working properly, try one of the following options: Make sure you are using the correct access link emailed to you and that you are the only one open at the time. The live stream can only be viewed on 1 device at a time. Make sure you are using the correct internet browser and whether it has been recently updated. Suitable browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.