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✨⭐️ Bachata 4hrs Intensive in Brussels with Yanani Keo & Mussiche Keyyuu

Have you ever thought about becoming a Bachata social dancer in a very short time? Do you want to improve fast and learn techniques and moves shortly? How about a bootcamp?!


August 17, 2022

Brussels – Belgium

💃 Bachata Sensual Bootcamp is a 4 hours intensive workshop that will solidify and/or teach you the fundamentals of Sensual bachata through body movement, connection methods, partnerwork patterns and more.

Throughout the 4 hours you will learn to lead moves from multiple connections, execute technically correct body waves, rolls and isolations and reinforce challenging partnerwork combos.


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Sunday, August 17

  • 1.00 to 3.00pm – Prep-class Sensual Bachata
  • Break
  • 3.30 to 5.00


He has been teaching international students for 10 years and is a successful competitor at Latin dance competitions.

➤ For Who?

→ All levels.

→ Dancers with some experience who want to freshen up their skills.

→ Those who are not able to take regular classes.

→ Get to know new (dancing)friends.

→ You are welcome after the beginner intensive to enroll in our weekly classes.

➤ Price: € 40,- per person.

➤ Dancepartner not required

➤ Location: …….

★ The Beginner Intensive will give you all the basics you need to become a more confident dancer.
The basics are there so that people can transfer there weight together, so couples can dance as one.

➤ Payment:
The transaction can be made to bank account …

– We will confirm your registration once we receive your registration form and your payment.
– It’s not possible to get a refund or postpone the Beginner Intensive to a later time period.